About us

What We Do

Brave DC does simple graphics and apparel for venues such as small business, organizations, sports teams, clubs, and events. Focusing on quality over quantity, we keep the graphics and apparel to one or two color logos, depending on size of graphic. Graphics are made from top quality Oracal Vinyl and our apparel is all printed on 100% cotton (more often than not) shirts and accessories through the process of vinyl heat transfer. All of our services are performed by us and never outsourced or subcontracted.

We also offer logo design. A logo is the face of your brand/ business. With an extensive design and art influenced past, we are able to take all things into account when putting together a logo for all types of avenues.

Past to Present

Brave DC started as a hobby circa 2006. With the way I was brought up, go big or go home, so I decided to purchase commercial equipment even though I never planned on this being a business. Shortly after taking several days to figure out how to use it, as I was not computer savvy at the time, I began making all kinds of simple decals for my family and friends and urged to put them on something that they owned that people would see. Ex... car, truck, toolbox, work desk, etc.. As it is known, the word of mouth is THE BEST form of advertising. It wasn't the plan for business to take off as it did. But due to my social nature and the apparent care and quality and enthusiasm that I put into my work, the orders began to roll in. Starting with local business owners that I knew to motorcycle groups that I had ridden with, to friends of friends. Soon there was more work than time, as I already had a job that I enjoyed and paid sufficiently, as well as working on side jobs/ side businesses. I began to turn down work and as I did, I became more focused on the other things that I had going on. Less and less work came to me and I ended up back at square one, doing hobby type things. This proved to be a major mistake when I realized how much I missed working with the people that this business brought me and doing the work that it entailed. Getting the ball rolling after such was incredibly difficult. Turning away that much work proved to drown my credibility as a reliable business substantially. Keeping positive scope on the possibilities and being sure to never jeopardize quality, I began some light self-marketing and slowly work started tip-toe-ing in. Unsatisfied with a light work load and craving more for this business, I left my job and pursued work making this a business that could support me and grow to much larger. Still using word of mouth as my only advertising, business picked back up and life was good. Shortly after, I decided to move my main residence from Southeast MI to the Tampa Bay area of South FL. Figuring I would have to start over again on a customer base I was prepared to start slow. But I was pleasantly surprised by my friends in the mitten kept the orders rolling in even with distance that was now in between us. Over time, and many road trips between SoFlo and The Mitten, I've made friends and picked up quite some work all over the east coast and Mid West.

Most of the work we do is for small businesses, local sports teams, motorcycle groups, parties (bachelor, bachelorette, birthdays, etc...), and organizations. Working with mostly local and small scale avenues has always been very exciting as you can get on a personal level but we have also done some work for larger avenues such as Universities and larger businesses.

The Future

We are super excited to launch our own brand of apparel. The more of this apparel people see rocking all over, the more they will be reminded that everything in your life that you want is achievable. You just have to pull the trigger on the actions to get it.

With the growth that we predict, an expansion of our own capabilities is a top priority. Along with that, we are looking forward to being able to bring more people on board that will hopefully share in our views and expect to grow with the company. A physical retail type front is also on the brainstorm board which we would be able to host community or charity based programs and start to really be able to give back. The message of Brave DC, to be brave and achieve what you really want regardless of risk, is often unachievable without help of some kind. To be helped, although humbling, is often empowering as someone has shown through their own personal sacrifice in whatever form that they believe you can achieve and are willing to make a personal investment, whether it's time, money, or life lessons that they had to learn the hard way. As we have been in the first position, we look forward to nothing more than being able to help other people so that they may be in our position or better.